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Companies looking to grow to need a system that can unite both sales and marketing with their vision..... That's where we come in!

  • CRM strategy and onboarding
  • Sales enablement
  • Inbound marketing

Get the fundamentals right first

We believe that Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the key currency in any business. We can help you get a CRM system in place that will bring total visibility whilst helping sales, marketing and service work together. All our services are bespoke but here are just a few things we can offer in this area :  

  • CRM strategy workshops.
  • Data cleansing and import. 
  • Guided HubSpot CRM implementation (Coaching). 
  • Hands-on HubSpot migration / implementation.
  • Pipeline mapping and automation. 
  • Report building.
  • Custom CRM integrations. 
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Unleash the true potential of your sales team

'Sales Enablement'  is a term that is thrown around far too often these days. For us it's all about equipping your sales team with the tools they need to streamline their process and get more wins. Our services are bespoke but here are some we offer in this area : 

  • Sales process audit and strategy development. 
  • Quick wins set up on HubSpot.
  • Sales Pipeline building and automation.
  • Effective sales email strategy. 
  • HubSpot for Sales: team training programmes.
  • HubSpot for Sales: individual rep coaching.
  • Leadership sessions on 'Managing your sales team on HubSpot'.
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The best leads are the ones who come to you

We dropped the traditional 'funnel' view towards marketing years ago. These days we believe marketing is about your ability to attract the right leads. Get this right and it's over to sales to engage and service to delight. Our specialism in this area is highly focused, here are some of the marketing services we offer clients :

  • Marketing operations strategy and implementation.
  • Email automation building. 
  • HubSpot for Marketers : Training programmes.
  • Marketing platform integrations. 
  • Social remarketing strategy. 
  • Some ad management services depending on the industry.
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Professional services

We have experience working with accountants, insurance brokers, finance companies, IT providers, the list goes on. Typically we find clients in this sector are looking for ways to attract more qualified B2B leads whilst improving their ability to cross-sell and upsell services to their existing customers. 

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Construction companies

Our experience working in the construction sector has grown significantly over the last year. We have helped construction companies make digital transformations by taking their entire sales process and customer service online. 

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Travel agencies

Travel agents were hit hard by the global pandemic. As the world re-opens we have been lucky enough to work with a growing number of travel businesses looking to re-think the way they do CRM and tap into more innovative solutions. 

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Client testimonials

What do our customers say

Alex at Think Circle has brought in effective CRM systems, sales and marketing plans which helped transform the performance of the business. Think Circle has become an integrated part of the business and Alex has worked with us closely to get the best performance possible which is both trackable and quantifiable. 

Dave Palmer 

Perfect Getaways

We worked with Think Circle to introduce HubSpot Pro to our business. The service we got was top class and they moved quickly to exceed our expectations. Within a year we have developed a new approach with more effective processes, more visibility and more sales.

Henrik Jeppesen 

CEO at Fibo Intercon (Construction)

The help we have received from Think Circle in streamlining our HubSpot process has been excellent. Alex is very responsive and works with our busy diaries. We are now looking to utilise Alex's help for sales training for the team and marketing alignment.

James Smith
Group Sales Director at The Indigo Group (CIS and Payroll Outsourcing)

 I found Alex to be extremely helpful, knowledgeable and approachable. We created a CRM system that is very simple to use and has helped me to organise my clients , diary , tasks and also my email marketing.  Wouldn't hesitate to recommend Think Circle to other business owners.

Ann Lord 
Owner / Director at Artisan Escapes (Travel)

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